America? Fuck Yeah!

by Mark Pinder



I think I want one of these. It’s a bed that looks like a Russian Buk missile launcher.

You could say to women you fancy in bars: ‘want to come back to mine and see my missile launcher’ with all sincerity and still be able to project an aura of hurt bewilderment after being punched in the face

Trust the Guardian to get it’s knickers in a twist though: Buk at Bedtime

A bit of googling and alternatively, you can be the proud owner of something to make any potential mate wonder whether they’re dealing more with a deranged psychopath and run a 50/50 chance of not waking up in the morning, rather than a cute, cuddly slight eccentric who’s still waiting for his Leonid Brezhnev teddy bear to arrive from Ebay seller Vlad-Put 33.

Blitz bedding


‘Displaying the powerful strength of the US Air Force, our custom comforters, bed sheets and other bedding items show a high definition photograph of a real aerial bombardment. Modern bomber jets fly overhead as the ground erupts in an explosive flurry of fire and napalm. We can see black smoke billowing from the inferno underneath a blue sky as the US bombers quickly make their escape and return to base after a completed mission. A truly striking graphic, the imagery on our personalized futon and duvet covers truly creates a unique look in your home and a great gift for those who love action movies, video games or the peace keeping ability of the US Air Force.’