Mixed(up) Metaphors

by Mark Pinder

Arts Council chief Dame Liz Forgan opens a new Arts Centre in County Durham yesterday

Amongst all the angst and teeth grinding following the recent announcement of the Arts Council’s cuts to arts organisation funding, it would appear that Arts Council boss Liz Forgan really ought choose her metaphors more carefully.

In a speech at the annual ‘State of the Arts’ conference back in February she said, “But in the end we say: ours is a nation of burgeoning creativity. Our artists, musicians, actors, directors, sculptors, acrobats, writers, dreamers and inventors are as precious a resource as North Sea oil or the coalfields”

It may be worth pointing out to Dame Betty, that the coalfields were deemed so precious to the nation that the British government had to pretty much close them all down back in 1992.

Corrections and clarifications: The above photo was mis-captioned, the correct caption should read: The demolition of Hawthorne Colliery, County Durham, 1993.