From The Archive: Neil Kinnock, Sheffield, April 1st 1992

by Mark Pinder

We're all right! We're all right! We're all right! No, not really.

These photos were shot at the Labour Party Sheffield rally on April Fools Day, 1992, a week before the General Election which Kinnock managed to lose.

Neil Kinnock, Labour Party Sheffield Rally, 1992 General Election. 1/4 1992.

Many pundits cited Kinnock’s toe curling performance at the beginning of his speech and the presumptuous triumphalism of the rally as a deciding factor in the election result.

The film maker Adam Curtis, however, suggested in his series of films, The Century of the Self, that Labour had already lost the election, and opinion polls were being skewed to the contrary, by those questioned feeling too ashamed to actually reveal their real voting intentions. An interesting snippet from the documentary can be seen here.

Either way, we were subjected to another 5 years of Tory rule, and the stage was set for the purging of any remaining vestiges of Socialism within the Labour Party after the Blairite takeover of the party following the tragic death of Kinnock’s successor, John Smith.

The rest, as they say, is history.