Separated at birth?

by Mark Pinder

In the best traditions of the Private Eye lookalikes column, has anyone ever noticed the striking similarities between those two great upholders of liberal values and free speech Stephen Green of Christian Voice and that other great defender of those cherished values president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran? Or is it the other way round?. Are they related by any chance? I really think we should be told.

In case anyone needs reminding, Green, was the architect of a campaign by Christian zealots against the BBC showing ‘Jerry Springer The Opera’ back in January 2005 when he mobilized 55,000 of his supporters to write to the BBC to protest against the airing of the show.

Rather cravenly, the BBC declined to reply and explain how the on/off button on that appliance of Satan, the TV set, actually worked.

No matter, for those of us who believe that God is quite big enough to look after himself, without needing others to take blasphemy proceedings on his behalf, (assuming existence),  one of my favorite clips can be seen here. The Klan do a Busby Berkeley number. Not a good idea to click on at work though!!